Candidate Responses - Dr. Shandale Terrell

In addition to answering the 20 survey questions, this candidate provided the following elaboration on several progressive issues.

Seeking to provide a quality public education for all children, as guaranteed by our State Constitution:

I oppose vouchers and the diversion of tax dollars to unaccountable charter and private schools because the school voucher diverts funding away from K-12 Public Schools.

Seeking justice and equality for all:

I support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Pros: It gives everyone equal rights; it abolishes gender discriminating laws; and it recognizes women's rights as equal. Cons; it uses unclear language, it can cause problems with the constitution.

Seeking a clean and safe environment:

I support Amendment 1 funding being used for the purpose intended. The purpose of Amendment 1 was to set aside money primarily for environmental lands acquisition purchases and preserve and protect environmental lands.