Candidate Responses - Barbara Cady

In addition to answering the 20 survey questions, this candidate provided the following elaboration on several progressive issues.

Seeking a fair, honest, and open government that works for all:

I have actively participated in the effort to obtain 750,000 signatures from Central Floridians to support this effort.

Seeking broader rights and better wages for workers:

Universal daycare was almost passed in the 1970s. This necessity for working families is long overdue and is critical to work life balance of today’s working families.

Seeking to provide a quality public education for all children, as guaranteed by our State Constitution:

I oppose for profit charter schools. I support a strong well funded public school system where every American child has access to a progressive public education.

Seeking justice and equality for all:

I have actively campaigned for the ratification of ERA in Florida and continue to create awareness through various women’s advocacy groups. I support Planned Parenthood and actively protest against the infringement on women’s privacy by state governments.

Seeking a clean and safe environment:

I support funding to encourage the development and availability of solar and other sustainable energy.