Candidate Responses - Allen Ellison

In addition to answering the 20 survey questions, this candidate provided the following elaboration on several progressive issues.

Seeking a fair, honest, and open government that works for all:

I support legislation that overturns citizens united and I support measures that removes the need for massive amounts of money in campaigning for elected office. Florida’s ballot access fee is $10,440.00 which serves as hinderance for candidates that come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. The entire political system needs an overhaul to level the playing field so that equal and proper representation can be realized.

Seeking broader rights and better wages for workers:

I support the measures to increase minimum wage to a living for all classes of workers. I also support measures to increase hazard pay for workers on the front lines of pandemics and other threats to our national security. I support increasing funding for social security. I believe in improving the quality of life for every citizen and bolstering social security is a central to ensuring that Americans have a better quality of life in their later years. I support the right of people to organize and seek representation. I support the right of employees to collectively bargain for the things they find value in and assembling themselves together for the purpose of negotiating better pay and better working conditions. I support the availability of universal public day care as an extension of our public school system. I used to work in aftercare for K through second grade. Millions of Americans depend on day programs to help them balance their daily lives. For many its essential and we should make it more affordable and increase access.

Seeking to maintain a strong economy:

I believe that one of the best ways to strengthen the economy is to manufacture, insource, distribute, buy, and sell products within the US. It’s one of the components that help make us the superpower that we are. We are strongest when we are working together and making a living wage in the process. I support eliminating the tax code as we know it so that Americans doesn’t have to resort to offshore tax safe havens. I do support publicly funded and managed programs that aim to fix our crumbling infrastructure.

Seeking to provide a quality public education for all children, as guaranteed by our State Constitution:

I support developmentally appropriate Universal Pre-K. We must invest in our children. They require our absolute best so that they can have a stronger foundation to prepare them for what is ahead which is climate change, interconnect globalized society, more laws, larger population possible food insecurities. They must be equipped to understand how to tackle these very serious future threats. I support any method for making college education completely free in America. With an education society we can an even more dynamic and beautiful future. We can not lose being better education and we should not have to go into debt to have a better future.

Seeking justice and equality for all:

I strongly oppose the use of private jails and prisons nationwide. There is too much corruption in private systems and there are strong comparisons to modern day slavery backed by the state and federal government. We need to put an end to them now. We recently saw a judge get caught sentencing black teens to prisons that were paying the judge under the table for the teens to be sentenced to their prison. This is still going on in America. As long as corrupt judges and corrupt prison CEO’s continue to work together, privatization of the corrections system will never be considered fair and impartial and therefore leaves the entire system open for public scrutiny and should be completely overhauled. I support the rights of women including choosing their own reproductive health care decisions. I support the Equal Rights Amendment. We should push federal action to pass and ratify.

Seeking recognition of the fundamental right to affordable housing, health care and retirement security:

As part of my new path forward platform, I support a Medicare-for-All including veterans care, mental health, dental, vision and long-term care.

Seeking a clean and safe environment:

I support all measures to reduce carbon emissions while putting America on a path for a safer environment for everyone to enjoy. I support strong expanded enforcement by regulatory agencies. It is important that we get this right. Our environment has suffered because of relaxed regulations and big polluters buying politicians off. We can do better than we have been doing.

Seeking a peaceful and secure world:

I support diplomatic resolutions over military actions to solve our international conflicts. I strongly oppose torture techniques as a means of forcing cooperation. I do not support the use of federal funds for the militarization of state and local police forces. I support denuclearization and assistance in the destruction of existing stockpiles of extreme weapons abroad.