Candidate Responses - Jan Barrow

In addition to answering the 20 survey questions, this candidate provided the following elaboration on several progressive issues.

Seeking a fair, honest, and open government that works for all:

The fact that we are still fighting for all to vote is unconscionable. If voter fraud is against the law, so should voter repression be against the law with stiff penalties imposed if found guilty of willful, active voter repression. The Oregon model would be a good starting place. However, a concern I have is that several may be left out because of their lack of desire to obtain a driver’s license. I would like to understand more about how to make it work.

Seeking broader rights and better wages for workers:

While I believe this will be on the ballot in 2020, if it fails, we need to elect people who will support a $15 or higher minimum wage. Unions are the reason we have five-day work weeks, civilized working conditions, holidays, sick pay, and better pay. As a single parent of 25 years, and raising a son without child support, after school care was a tough area for me. These days most women work. We need to shift our thinking about how we provide care for our children including moving to and properly funding year-round school.

Seeking to maintain a strong economy:

I am opposed to new toll roads in Polk County and Florida. If we put new money into Florida's transit system, it needs to be in the form of high-speed rail. Otherwise, focus on repairing what we have.

Seeking to provide a quality public education for all children, as guaranteed by our State Constitution:

Many charter schools are for-profit ventures. I am admittedly opposed to using tax dollars for direct corporate profits. There is enough profit in education though without making our children profit centers.

Seeking justice and equality for all:

We all deserve the same protections and the same opportunities for success no matter who you are or who you love. All women should support the Equal Rights Amendment. It should have been ratified years ago. Yes, and I have been active in fighting for these rights through the Democratic Women's Club of Lakeland and the Patient Advocacy League. Yes. Further, no prison should allow corporations to use the prisoners for their call centers or for other positions unless the incarcerated person gets to keep their earnings after taxes for their future release. In Florida, a few prisons were using the incarcerated to make outbound calls to sell vacation packages for Mexico-based resorts. The agents would end up netting an average of $1 per hour which is basically slave labor.

Seeking recognition of the fundamental right to affordable housing, health care and retirement security:

Florida needs to develop tax incentives to get the track housing developers to focus on the revitalization of tired, distressed communities.

Seeking a clean and safe environment:

There should be a permanent ban on offshore oil drilling.