Candidate Responses - Bill Pollard

In addition to answering the 20 survey questions, this candidate provided the following elaboration on several progressive issues.

Seeking a fair, honest, and open government that works for all:

I am a member of American Promise, which proposes the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution that would overturn Citizens United. We need to get all but small donations out of elections to make them free and fair for all citizens.

Seeking broader rights and better wages for workers:

A minimum wage years ago was a wage which could support a person. We need to get back to that idea. I favor retaining and strengthening all programs that enable all people to retire. When I had a child, there were times either my wife or I could not work, because of child care issues. The lack of available child care is one reason couples decide to delay starting families or why some decide against having children. This should never happen.

Seeking to maintain a strong economy:

I got into health care years ago, because the work I did was being outsourced to a provider of cheaper labor. I am completely against taking a job away from someone, so it can be done elsewhere cheaper. All people and all businesses should pay their fair share of taxes. If we would train troops in countries where we are fighting to take over, we would have money to do what we need to do in the U.S.

Seeking to provide a quality public education for all children, as guaranteed by our State Constitution:

We need an educated and trained work force and it makes sense to invest in our people.

Seeking justice and equality for all:

Jails and prisons are public responsibilities and it is wrong for someone to be making profit from running them. I support equal pay for equal work/worth. We've never truly had this and it's time we started. I personally always have supported the right to an abortion in cases of rape, incest or when a pregnancy is a threat to a woman's life. While I do not like to see abortion used as a means of birth control, restricting access to education about contraception and birth control actually causes more abortions to take place. I read this entire Act and will support it.

Seeking recognition of the fundamental right to affordable housing, health care and retirement security:

I have been advocating fixing issues with the Affordable Care Act to make it affordable for all people. If the argument shifts to Medicare-for-All instead, I will support that. We need lower prescription drug pricing. Any legislation that will fix this problem is welcome. We can safely import medications from any country that has impeccable standards. As it now stands, many of the medications currently used come from European and Asian countries.

Seeking a clean and safe environment:

I am a huge supporter of renewable energy and I want to preserve our limited land and water resources. Look at the online material I pull onto my campaign Facebook page and you will see that I support renewable energy sources. We need to do all we can to bring down the cost of installing solar and wind technology and to provide storage solutions that prevent fluctuations in the power grids.

Seeking a peaceful and secure world:

The current administration has badly damaged this country's ability to seek diplomatic solutions. We need to rebuild the State Department. Unwanted wars are costly. Look at our involvement in Afghanistan, as an example. If our government personnel resort to torture, this should be prosecuted. Regarding the use of federal funds for the militarization of state and local police forces, this can be a loaded question. I cannot say yes or no. I disagree with indiscriminately throwing military hardware toward state and local police forces. However, police need the proper tools to protect the public and themselves in increasingly violent situations. They need training and weapons that match the types of problems they face.